Umesh Kumar Social Media Mistakes

Social Media Mistakes

As important as it is to be on top of the latest new social media trends, it’s also equally important to be constantly cleansing your social media strategy from consistent mistakes.
Umesh Kumar Social Media Mistakes

10 Social Media Mistakes That are Killing Your Business

Cross Platform Auto Posts

Never use auto-post tools to share your post on multiple social media platforms. Republishing a post automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and so on shows you don’t understand that platform’s unique capabilities. Take the extra time and optimize your content for each individual platform.

Stealing Content (Without Crediting)

Never try to steal content from other posts. Stealing images, video, content may harm your website and you may caught under copy infringement acts and that may become ban of your account as well website from search engines. Also stealing these objects can lead you into a dangerous legal situation

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