Umesh Kumar Digital Marketing Activities in 2017

Digital Marketing Activities in 2017 to Increase Sales

Digital marketing is where it’s at. Everyone from politicians to major international companies are focusing their efforts on digital marketing as opposed to traditional advertising models.
Umesh Kumar Digital Marketing Activities in 2017
It only makes sense: Everyone is online. Even your grandpa who doesn’t know how to use the DVR has a Facebook account.

An informal Twitter survey from Search Engine Journal found that 71 percent of marketers say they are going to spend more on digital marketing activities in 2017.
Umesh Kumar - Top Rated Digital Marketing Techniques 2017
Here’s a look at what many marketers will be focused on with that increased spending in 2017:

Content Marketing

Content continues to be king, and marketers will put more resources into creating content that gets results in 2017.

Hiring writers to create high-quality content will be priority number one. Content must be authoritative and in-depth, including longer posts that explore a topic from many angels and that include plenty of data and citations to back up the information. Content must also be well-written, which means hiring professionals who are capable of creating that type of quality and performing the research.

Marketers will also need to hire artists and designers to create high-quality photos and graphics to accompany the content since visuals help to get content noticed and to engage readers.

It is important that marketers think beyond basic blog posts and also invest resources into creating white papers, case studies, e-books, and long-form guides and other resources.

Social Media Marketing

Social media continues to be a major player for marketing since it has evolved to provide even more effective tools for brands to reach their audiences.

Facebook has live video and more intuitive targeting options. LinkedIn has video and a blogging platform. Snapchat has also risen to the top with its unique offerings, like filters and lenses.

Brands will need to invest more in creating social media marketing strategies, including hiring consultants, signing up for management tools, and creating videos and graphics that get more engagement.

360-degree photos are popular on social media, as are videos, and both of these require extensive resources to create well. Chatbots also offer exciting possibilities, but again, they need resources to create.

Start putting together a plan for creating whichever of these tools you are not already using.


SEO will always be a primary focus for marketers, no matter how much Google tries to change the game with algorithm updates.

The “problem” with SEO is that it’s a long-term game. You don’t see results right away, and that can be discouraging.

Marketers who want to speed up the process can do so by investing more resources in it. Having more people working on your SEO can ensure that more of your checklist is covered – you don’t have to prioritize your strategy. You can target more of your keywords, put more into creating content, have more research and analytics on hand to shape decisions, and deal with technical issues as soon as they arise.

Dedicate a team to SEO this year, or expand the one you have. The more qualified people you have working on it, the faster you will see results.

Advertising and Paid Search

More advertising options are available than ever before, and brands will be spending more on them, as well as on paid search.

One reasons brands will be spending more is they will be looking to buy more ads and more paid search opportunities. Another reason they will be spending more is the cost of these ads will be going up.

There is a lot more competition in the marketplace. Anyone with an Internet connection and a credit card can start a business online, and new websites are started every day.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to have to dig deeper into your pockets and pay for the opportunity to do so. You’ll need to look into opportunities for display ads, native advertising, paid search ads, and even Facebook ads, which now have more targeting options.

Using native solutions like CodeFuel’s In-feed will help you get more from your advertising even with customers who are using ad blockers. In-feed delivers targeted native ads based on user-intent signals. It looks at cues like what sites people are visiting, how they are behaving those sites, what search terms they are using, and so on to determine what they really want or need.

With In-feed, you get a bigger ROI by targeting the right user at the right time and in the right place.

Don’t just spend blindly in 2017. Make sure the marketing activities you are investing in are the ones that will help you meet your goals.

Use the right tools, the right resources, and the right professionals to get more out of all your marketing activities this year. You’ll get the exposure, the traffic, and the sales you need.

Source: CodeFuel

How to Make Digital Marketing More Success - Umesh Kumar - Digital Marketing Manager

How to Make Digital Marketing More Success

To do a successful business, we need an effective digital marketing strategy and solid relationships with audiences, customers, other small business leaders and community members because these can help to grow your business in this competitive era.
How to Make Digital Marketing More Success - Umesh Kumar - Digital Marketing Manager
Here I am going to list out five things that look away from how small businesses can increase their brand visibility through the digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It is very important ho have full proof digital marketing strategy before implementing it. You need to analyses current business assets. What king of activity agency/ team will execute and know they have or not. How agency or team members will help to achieve yor business goal.

Digital Marketing Trends

It is also important to find out the latest trends where most of customer buying through online and what devices and technology they are using. An article published in a blog US people are more using voice search and 20% of searches are by voice via mobile. So considering these trends make your website full mobile accessible. Also AMP is introduced and need to maintain all your pages to access my search engines.

Figuring Out Your Audience

Look at your audience and follow them accordingly because these potential audience may be your customers and help you to achieve your business goal. By fuguring out who are your audience and figuring out the ways the ways your are interact and communicate. Figuring out the best way of intract and communicate will help build with audience trust and increase the sales.

Local Audiences

Make a strategy to target the local audiences. As we know the content is king but it is observed that local audience loke Video. So targeting local audiences create videos according to their interest to intract and communicate them. If you are very good in video creation then it is best practice to create an amazing video other wise there are so many online tools available in market to help you out for creating videos.

Cultivate Relationships

It is truth that word of mouth is primary way to bring in business because word of mouth can create more easily trust on your audiences and easy to convince them and personalize the relationships. Hence a small personal relationships will mean more connections made through the digital marketing.

Umesh Kumar - How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing?

If you own a new or growing business, it’s crucial to have some understanding of digital marketing that will help to grow your business.
Umesh Kumar - How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

If Your Company Doesn’t Exist Online Today, It Mean Your Business Doesn’t Exist

Online visibility is absolutely vital for every company in the modern business world. So much business is conducted online that it would be foolish for any business owner to think that a digital presence is simply a luxury. Just about every business-to-customer retailer has an online store in addition to traditional brick-and-mortars, and most are starting to figure out new ways of connecting the two to provide customers with the best shopping experiences possible. Your small business may be a way off from this stage right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking steps toward that end.

  1. Understand SEO

    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of getting your digital presence to rank well in search results. SEO is an ever-changing game where the rules are constantly being tweaked. Search engine companies like Google and Bing want to ensure there’s a level playing field for every brand, while brand marketers are always looking for new ways to game the system and outrank the competition in search results.

  2. Active in Social Media

    Now a day’s social media is trending and poeple are frequently visiting social media websites for sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression. This is also one of the best platform for branding your business. So, be active in social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and many more and share according to your business interest and try to engage them.

  3. Be More Savvy

    Learn how to boost your brand and your online presence. Check out the dive into the importance of partnership, co-branding and give away best tips for simplifying your language to ensure your content is engaging that can be very help for your business.

  4. Track Your Progress

    Analytics are another essential component of the digital marketing puzzle. What good are all the efforts you’re making if you don’t take the time to measure your success? Just about every marketing automation platform, search engine, and CRM system allows you to track your successes and failings over time. Every business is going to have specific pain points and advantages, and it’s important to have a clear idea of what your key performance indicators are. Find the metrics that are going to show you what you need to see, and track them carefully.

  5. Be More Proactive

    Every small business owner is going to invariably wear several hats in the early days of the company. Often, startup founders are the C-suite, customer service department, marketing team, IT staff, and salespeople all rolled into one. Expand your knowledge on revenue marketing and discover the most effective ways to turn leads into sales. Find out what type of factors/ services and resources are available at your advantage.

kumarumesh micro-influencers

10 Tips for Develop a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2017

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2017 but not all change is bad. Especially when we’re discussing significant changes in digital marketing, specifically within the world of influencer marketing. As marketing budgets continue to shrink and brands become more pressed for a better ROI.

From my past experience in the year of 2016, here I am going to list 10 predictions for the industry that will help marketers building a sound digital marketing campaign strategy in the year of 2017.

1. Authenticity

Kumarumesh: Authenticity - Successful Digital Marketing Campaign 2017After decates of use , the veneer on celebrity endorsements will finally crack and brands will come to realize that fame does not automatically bring influence. The influencer marketing will play a major role in digital marketing in coming years for all businesses.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Christmas season is just being started in few days and people from entire world are preparing for the Christmas and new year celebration. Businesses are more active in online to sale gifts on this occaison with the help of rending digital marketing concepts.

Here are seven digital marketing trends to look out for during the year of 2017:

Display Ads Evolve: Display advertising has had yet another bad year. Intrusive and poorly targeted ads have seen the rise of ad blockers, so marketers are likely to move towards video marketing or native advertising. As we know that both are much trickier to execute.

Augmented Reality Will Be Back: There has been a lack of follow-up in the augmented reality space, but I think that there are companies out there developing games or gamified marketing right now – it will be back in 2017.

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7 Tips for Retailers to Maximize Digital Marketing this Festival Season

The year’s most exciting promotional period has extended to fill almost the entire month of October, November and December beause of Dushera, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj, Chhath, X-mas and other festivals. It’s more important than ever retailers execute strong, timely and effective digital marketing strategies during this critical selling season. But how can small shopkeepers and retailers get their piece of the plentiful businesses?

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Why Every Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy!

Considering the ever increasing number of mobile gadget and PC users who digest online content daily, it’s an indisputable fact that digital marketing is the future of advertising and marketing. More and more consumers utilise the Internet for performing research, reading reviews and even purchasing products and services online. So whether you’ve got a small, medium or large business, it only seems wise that you should invest your time, energy and a bit of money for digital marketing.

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Importance of Digital Marketing for Storage Companies

In a world fueled by consumerism and impulse buying, there is a growing need for storage services. All across the world, companies involved in storage are competing against each other.

With so many storage companies around, it is difficult to choose the right company. This is a major concern for all the digital storage companies.

If you are the owner of a storage company and you need help in becoming more recognized to gain clients, then finding an agency that offers digital marketing solutions is what you need.

By doing this, you make it much easier for your business to move ahead of the competition.
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How to Get Value from Digital Marketing

When you are in the business of delivering results from any kind of marketing strategy it’s essential that you know how each different approach can fit together as a whole, or whether one specific methodology will be best for your company. The way that digital marketing has revolutionized the advertising and promotional aspects of almost every business means that having a good overview of how it works is key. However, knowing how to get the best value from it is vital as well. So whether you are a business IT professional, a marketing manager or executive specialist, or simply a tech enthusiast who likes to know what’s going on, the ever-changing world of digital marketing is something that you should learn much more about.
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The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

In 2016, digital marketing became more and less. The data analysed became larger and more focused. The precision of the reach of adverts and how they were designed are becoming tailored to the ideal demographic. But the devices affiliates should be focusing on are smaller in size, and the web design that players favour are simpler and less cluttered, whilst still being visually captivating. With that in mind, here are the top trends affiliates should be mindful of in 2016.
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