Social Media Mistakes

As important as it is to be on top of the latest new social media trends, it’s also equally important to be constantly cleansing your social media strategy from consistent mistakes.
Umesh Kumar Social Media Mistakes

10 Social Media Mistakes That are Killing Your Business

Cross Platform Auto Posts

Never use auto-post tools to share your post on multiple social media platforms. Republishing a post automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and so on shows you don’t understand that platform’s unique capabilities. Take the extra time and optimize your content for each individual platform.

Stealing Content (Without Crediting)

Never try to steal content from other posts. Stealing images, video, content may harm your website and you may caught under copy infringement acts and that may become ban of your account as well website from search engines. Also stealing these objects can lead you into a dangerous legal situation

Sharing Video Links on Facebook

Never share video direct from other video sharing websites. The best practice is to upload fresh video direct on Facebook by using Facebook Video Uploader. This will help to reach out more customers and bring more engagement on your videos.


Hashtagging too much looks spammy and desperate your sharing on social platforms. The best practice is use either one or two hashtag in highest search keyword or trending keyword.

Filming Vertically

Never use vertically shooted video via phone, it may cause black bar in top and bottom areas. The best practice is to use use horizontal video shooting via phone while you are capturing an interesting video and then share on social media first.

Not Sharing Blog Content on Social Channels

If you’re not sharing every article published on your website on your social media accounts, you are making a big mistake. Share your blog content on social, and give viewers a reason to go to your site.

No Social Media Sharing Buttons

If your website doesn’t have social button buttons to quickly share pages back to social media, you are missing your readers to read your post. Having a share button on your blog or webpage can increase your social traffic, and grow your digital clout.

Sharing Spammy Links on Social media platform

Never share very frequent and spammy links in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. By sharing very frequently and spammy links on these platforms may create irritation into your connection and hence they may be discontinue your connection. This may lead to your traffic loss and hence business loss.

Fake Multiple Profiles

Never try to cheat your customers by creating a fake profiles. By doing this your blog or website loosing customers credibility. Fake interaction can never create a trustworthy relationship and ultimately you will loose your customers.

Blindly Spending Money in Ads Campaign

If you are spending money in ads campaign without any goal or strategy, it means you are loosing you money. Never create such kind of ads campaign without understand of your goals, your audience, your content, have a specific purpose.