15 Ways to Triple Success of Video Marketing Campaign in 2019

A great video marketing strategy can boost your social shares, boost traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. Marketers claim – by 2019 video marketing will be 69% of all consumer traffic, mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster compared with desktop and landing pages with videos will get 800% more conversion.

Why videos are great

Simply, because videos are multi sensory, they are great to use in multi sensory topics such as product and service demonstrations.
Umesh Kumar: video marketing
Video uses color, motion, and sound effects and builds a strong bridge to connect your content with viewers’ emotions. That’s why they are so memorable, and that’s why it’s the winner platform for those, who want their messages to get across to potential buyers. If you are looking to win users’ attention, use video as a powerful marketing tool.

1. Set a budget

The first thing you have to do is set your video budget. Resource management is vital in this case! Don’t start without knowing how much you’re able to invest in the video.

2. Animated videos

umesh kumar animated video marketing
If your budget is tight and there’s no option to hire an A class studio for animation video production, then the online video making platforms are just what you’re looking for. One of the best ways to develop your company image is through animated videos.

3. Understand your audience

Understanding your target audience is vital as well. The content and style of your video, the choice of platform you use to deliver your advertisement etc.. Everything depends on your target group. No doubt, you have seen some engaging videos on Facebook or other social platforms, that caught your attention.

Facebook Audience Insights can be used if you are looking for a way to understand your Facebook target audience.

4. Everything starts with a story

Nowadays, a simple video that presents your product isn’t impressive anymore. Today the audience is spoiled enough. You need something more. People love to watch videos of interesting stories. In fact, the most engaging videos are often based on an inspiring story that catches the audience emotionally. Trust us, if you want to create a fun and engaging story that goes viral, you need an outstanding story first.

5. The center is the Story, not the sale

An active buzz with the sales is annoying and it always drives away your customers. Don’t let your brand be like others – instead, focus your video on the story and not the sale. Just remember: the same rules apply to both written content and video content. Concentrate on the values of your company.

6. Keep it short

Video length is vital for your marketing strategy success. Today most customers have a lower attention span, so you need to make your videos short and engaging. The perfect length is under 1 minute.

7. Stop being so boring!

The worst thing to do is to have a boring video. Videos that are purely marketing stuff don’t spread. People wants to laugh, they want to be empowered, they want to leave their boring daily routine and forget about their realities.

8. That first 10 seconds

Do you know, that most likely the one fifth of your viewers will close the video within 10 seconds or less? So this period is too important, don’t overview it. Try playing with your audience’s curiosity by asking questions and using teasers to catch their attention. Your video should convey your company’s values and answer that “why should I watch it?” question, which is on your audience’s mind. Should they watch it, because it is fun or inspirational, or maybe it teaches something new?

9. Don’t forget the SEO

SEO is important as well, especially for organic search results. Guess you uploaded a video on your YouTube channel. Build SEO using right keywords for your videos. Focus keywords must appear at least once in the title and video description.Add relevant tags.

10. Teach your target audience

65% of the audience are visual learners. One of the most effective methods you should use in video marketing is to teach your audience. Education and knowledge come in many forms. Show your customers how to use your product or service, make video tutorials – they are extremely popular. You can also organize a webinar to communicate with your audience and speak about the sector you know best.

11. Interactive videos are a trend

Customers’ behavior and preferences are not stable, and companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their audiences. One innovative and trendy solution is an interactive video. These videos allow the customer to take part in the video and affect its outcome.

12. Call to action button at the end is a good idea

Guess, you have kept your video short and engaging. However, end it as effective, as you started. Use the few seconds at the end to add contact info along with links to other videos. Forward your audience from one video to the next, or to another website entirely. Use this technique, put them into a video, which greatly enhances your chances of gaining views on your other content.

13. Post the video in multiple places

You’ve made an amazing video, using all the tips we’ve talked about. Now, it’s time for promotion. Post it on as many places as you can. Most video platforms offer both free uploads and paid subscriptions.

14. Social networks

Just between Facebook and Snapchat, there are around 18 billion video views each day. Every day, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on Youtube. These numbers speak for themselves. Just imagine the reach your video can have. Another positive side the social media adds is that it shows analysis, such as demographics, gender, and age of people, who saw your video. But the greatest advantage of all this is getting a relevant traffic, which in fact brings to higher conversion rate.

15. It’s time to analyze the results

Analyzing results are the final step to take for understanding the effectiveness of the campaign. Data that you collected from the campaign will lead you to even more successful video marketing campaigns in the future.