Umesh Kumar: video marketing

15 Ways to Triple Success of Video Marketing Campaign in 2019

A great video marketing strategy can boost your social shares, boost traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. Marketers claim – by 2019 video marketing will be 69% of all consumer traffic, mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster compared with desktop and landing pages with videos will get 800% more conversion.

Why videos are great

Simply, because videos are multi sensory, they are great to use in multi sensory topics such as product and service demonstrations.
Umesh Kumar: video marketing
Video uses color, motion, and sound effects and builds a strong bridge to connect your content with viewers’ emotions. That’s why they are so memorable, and that’s why it’s the winner platform for those, who want their messages to get across to potential buyers. If you are looking to win users’ attention, use video as a powerful marketing tool.

1. Set a budget

The first thing you have to do is set your video budget. Resource management is vital in this case! Don’t start without knowing how much you’re able to invest in the video.

2. Animated videos

umesh kumar animated video marketing
If your budget is tight and there’s no option to hire an A class studio for animation video production, then the online video making platforms are just what you’re looking for. One of the best ways to develop your company image is through animated videos.

3. Understand your audience

Understanding your target audience is vital as well. The content and style of your video, the choice of platform you use to deliver your advertisement etc.. Everything depends on your target group. No doubt, you have seen some engaging videos on Facebook or other social platforms, that caught your attention.

Facebook Audience Insights can be used if you are looking for a way to understand your Facebook target audience.

4. Everything starts with a story

Nowadays, a simple video that presents your product isn’t impressive anymore. Today the audience is spoiled enough. You need something more. People love to watch videos of interesting stories. In fact, the most engaging videos are often based on an inspiring story that catches the audience emotionally. Trust us, if you want to create a fun and engaging story that goes viral, you need an outstanding story first.

5. The center is the Story, not the sale

An active buzz with the sales is annoying and it always drives away your customers. Don’t let your brand be like others – instead, focus your video on the story and not the sale. Just remember: the same rules apply to both written content and video content. Concentrate on the values of your company.

6. Keep it short

Video length is vital for your marketing strategy success. Today most customers have a lower attention span, so you need to make your videos short and engaging. The perfect length is under 1 minute.

7. Stop being so boring!

The worst thing to do is to have a boring video. Videos that are purely marketing stuff don’t spread. People wants to laugh, they want to be empowered, they want to leave their boring daily routine and forget about their realities.

8. That first 10 seconds

Do you know, that most likely the one fifth of your viewers will close the video within 10 seconds or less? So this period is too important, don’t overview it. Try playing with your audience’s curiosity by asking questions and using teasers to catch their attention. Your video should convey your company’s values and answer that “why should I watch it?” question, which is on your audience’s mind. Should they watch it, because it is fun or inspirational, or maybe it teaches something new?

9. Don’t forget the SEO

SEO is important as well, especially for organic search results. Guess you uploaded a video on your YouTube channel. Build SEO using right keywords for your videos. Focus keywords must appear at least once in the title and video description.Add relevant tags.

10. Teach your target audience

65% of the audience are visual learners. One of the most effective methods you should use in video marketing is to teach your audience. Education and knowledge come in many forms. Show your customers how to use your product or service, make video tutorials – they are extremely popular. You can also organize a webinar to communicate with your audience and speak about the sector you know best.

11. Interactive videos are a trend

Customers’ behavior and preferences are not stable, and companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their audiences. One innovative and trendy solution is an interactive video. These videos allow the customer to take part in the video and affect its outcome.

12. Call to action button at the end is a good idea

Guess, you have kept your video short and engaging. However, end it as effective, as you started. Use the few seconds at the end to add contact info along with links to other videos. Forward your audience from one video to the next, or to another website entirely. Use this technique, put them into a video, which greatly enhances your chances of gaining views on your other content.

13. Post the video in multiple places

You’ve made an amazing video, using all the tips we’ve talked about. Now, it’s time for promotion. Post it on as many places as you can. Most video platforms offer both free uploads and paid subscriptions.

14. Social networks

Just between Facebook and Snapchat, there are around 18 billion video views each day. Every day, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on Youtube. These numbers speak for themselves. Just imagine the reach your video can have. Another positive side the social media adds is that it shows analysis, such as demographics, gender, and age of people, who saw your video. But the greatest advantage of all this is getting a relevant traffic, which in fact brings to higher conversion rate.

15. It’s time to analyze the results

Analyzing results are the final step to take for understanding the effectiveness of the campaign. Data that you collected from the campaign will lead you to even more successful video marketing campaigns in the future.

Umesh Kumar Digital Marketing Activities in 2017

Digital Marketing Activities in 2019 to Increase Sales

Digital marketing is where it’s at. Everyone from politicians to major international companies are focusing their efforts on digital marketing as opposed to traditional advertising models.
Umesh Kumar Digital Marketing Activities in 2017
It only makes sense: Everyone is online. Even your grandpa who doesn’t know how to use the DVR has a Facebook account.

An informal Twitter survey from Search Engine Journal found that 71 percent of marketers say they are going to spend more on digital marketing activities in 2017.
Umesh Kumar - Top Rated Digital Marketing Techniques 2017
Here’s a look at what many marketers will be focused on with that increased spending in 2019:

Content Marketing

Content continues to be king, and marketers will put more resources into creating content that gets results in 2019.

Hiring writers to create high-quality content will be priority number one. Content must be authoritative and in-depth, including longer posts that explore a topic from many angels and that include plenty of data and citations to back up the information. Content must also be well-written, which means hiring professionals who are capable of creating that type of quality and performing the research.

Marketers will also need to hire artists and designers to create high-quality photos and graphics to accompany the content since visuals help to get content noticed and to engage readers.

It is important that marketers think beyond basic blog posts and also invest resources into creating white papers, case studies, e-books, and long-form guides and other resources.

Social Media Marketing

Social media continues to be a major player for marketing since it has evolved to provide even more effective tools for brands to reach their audiences.

Facebook has live video and more intuitive targeting options. LinkedIn has video and a blogging platform. Snapchat has also risen to the top with its unique offerings, like filters and lenses.

Brands will need to invest more in creating social media marketing strategies, including hiring consultants, signing up for management tools, and creating videos and graphics that get more engagement.

360-degree photos are popular on social media, as are videos, and both of these require extensive resources to create well. Chatbots also offer exciting possibilities, but again, they need resources to create.

Start putting together a plan for creating whichever of these tools you are not already using.


SEO will always be a primary focus for marketers, no matter how much Google tries to change the game with algorithm updates.

The “problem” with SEO is that it’s a long-term game. You don’t see results right away, and that can be discouraging.

Marketers who want to speed up the process can do so by investing more resources in it. Having more people working on your SEO can ensure that more of your checklist is covered – you don’t have to prioritize your strategy. You can target more of your keywords, put more into creating content, have more research and analytics on hand to shape decisions, and deal with technical issues as soon as they arise.

Dedicate a team to SEO this year, or expand the one you have. The more qualified people you have working on it, the faster you will see results.

Advertising and Paid Search

More advertising options are available than ever before, and brands will be spending more on them, as well as on paid search.

One reasons brands will be spending more is they will be looking to buy more ads and more paid search opportunities. Another reason they will be spending more is the cost of these ads will be going up.

There is a lot more competition in the marketplace. Anyone with an Internet connection and a credit card can start a business online, and new websites are started every day.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to have to dig deeper into your pockets and pay for the opportunity to do so. You’ll need to look into opportunities for display ads, native advertising, paid search ads, and even Facebook ads, which now have more targeting options.

Using native solutions like CodeFuel’s In-feed will help you get more from your advertising even with customers who are using ad blockers. In-feed delivers targeted native ads based on user-intent signals. It looks at cues like what sites people are visiting, how they are behaving those sites, what search terms they are using, and so on to determine what they really want or need.

With In-feed, you get a bigger ROI by targeting the right user at the right time and in the right place.

Don’t just spend blindly in 2019. Make sure the marketing activities you are investing in are the ones that will help you meet your goals.

Use the right tools, the right resources, and the right professionals to get more out of all your marketing activities this year. You’ll get the exposure, the traffic, and the sales you need.

How to Make Digital Marketing More Success - Umesh Kumar - Digital Marketing Manager

How to Make Digital Marketing More Success

To do a successful business, we need an effective digital marketing strategy and solid relationships with audiences, customers, other small business leaders and community members because these can help to grow your business in this competitive era.
How to Make Digital Marketing More Success - Umesh Kumar - Digital Marketing Manager
Here I am going to list out five things that look away from how small businesses can increase their brand visibility through the digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It is very important ho have full proof digital marketing strategy before implementing it. You need to analyses current business assets. What king of activity agency/ team will execute and know they have or not. How agency or team members will help to achieve yor business goal.

Digital Marketing Trends

It is also important to find out the latest trends where most of customer buying through online and what devices and technology they are using. An article published in a blog US people are more using voice search and 20% of searches are by voice via mobile. So considering these trends make your website full mobile accessible. Also AMP is introduced and need to maintain all your pages to access my search engines.

Figuring Out Your Audience

Look at your audience and follow them accordingly because these potential audience may be your customers and help you to achieve your business goal. By fuguring out who are your audience and figuring out the ways the ways your are interact and communicate. Figuring out the best way of intract and communicate will help build with audience trust and increase the sales.

Local Audiences

Make a strategy to target the local audiences. As we know the content is king but it is observed that local audience loke Video. So targeting local audiences create videos according to their interest to intract and communicate them. If you are very good in video creation then it is best practice to create an amazing video other wise there are so many online tools available in market to help you out for creating videos.

Cultivate Relationships

It is truth that word of mouth is primary way to bring in business because word of mouth can create more easily trust on your audiences and easy to convince them and personalize the relationships. Hence a small personal relationships will mean more connections made through the digital marketing.

umesh-kumar 5 benefits of social media for business

5 Benefits of Social Media for Business

As of early 2017, there are over 3 billion internet users – and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Popular social platforms have become marketing giants and offer benefits that have made social media mandatory for businesses. Here are the top 5 benefits of social media for business:
umesh-kumar 5 benefits of social media for business

1. Gain valuable customer insights

Social media generates a huge amount of data about your customers in real time. Every day there are over 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook, and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram. Behind these staggering numbers is a wealth of information about your customers—who they are, what they like, and how they feel about your brand.

Through daily active engagement and social listening, you can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter business decisions. With Hootsuite Insights, for example, you can gather information across all your social networks in real time—allowing you to gauge customer sentiment, find the conversations happening around your brand, and run real-time reports.

2. Increase brand awareness and loyalty

When you have a presence on social media, you are making it easier for your customers to find and connect with you on social. And by connecting with your customers on social, research shows that you’re more likely to increase customer retention and brand loyalty.

Social media does not only help with brand awareness on social networks but also increases your website traffic. In addition, the more social media shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be.

Studies have also shown that most of your customers expect you to be on social media. Over 67 percent of consumers now go to social media for customer service. They expect fast response times and 24/7 support—and companies that deliver win out. A study by Aberdeen Group shows that companies engaging in social customer service see much bigger annual financial gains (7.5 percent YOY growth) vs. those without (2.9 percent).

3. Generate more sales

Social media increases sales and customer retention through regular interaction and timely customer service. In the 2015 Sales Best Practices Study from research institute MHI Global, world-class companies rated social media as the most effective way to identify key decision makers and new business opportunities. In the State of Social Selling in 2015, nearly 75 percent of companies that engaged in selling on social media reported an increase in sales in 12 months.

However, an important caveat is that social media isn’t just about blasting your company’s sales pitch on social, it’s a two-way channel where you have the opportunity to enrich relationships with your customers. For example, social media allows tourism brands to create dialogue with travellers, therefore creating relationships with customers before, during, and after they have booked a trip with the company. This kind of social media dialogue between brands and customers is something traditional advertising cannot achieve.

4. Sharing content more effectively

In the past, marketers faced the challenge of ensuring their content reached customers in the shortest possible time. With the help of social media, specifically when it comes to sharing content about your business, all you need to do is share it on your brand’s social networks. This does not only apply to your organic reach on social media, but to paid social media too.

Social ads are an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. They also offer powerful targeting options so that you can reach the right audience. For example, if you run an ad campaign on LinkedIn, you can segment by location, company, job title, gender, and age—the list goes on. If you’re running a Facebook ad, you can target based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections. You can track and measure the performance of your social ads in real time.

Geo-targeting, in particular, is an effective way to send your message out to a specific audience based on their location. Using Hootsuite you can target Twitter messages to followers in specific countries, or send messages from Facebook and LinkedIn company pages to specific groups based on geographical and demographic parameters.

5. Find out what your competitors are doing

With social media monitoring you can gain key information about your competitors. This kind of intel will allow you to make strategic business decisions to stay ahead of them. For example, you can create search streams on Hootsuite to monitor industry keywords and mentions of your competitors’ names and products. Based on your search results, you can improve your business to offer product enhancements, service, or content that they may be missing.

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Umesh Kumar Social Media Mistakes

Social Media Mistakes

As important as it is to be on top of the latest new social media trends, it’s also equally important to be constantly cleansing your social media strategy from consistent mistakes.
Umesh Kumar Social Media Mistakes

10 Social Media Mistakes That are Killing Your Business

Cross Platform Auto Posts

Never use auto-post tools to share your post on multiple social media platforms. Republishing a post automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and so on shows you don’t understand that platform’s unique capabilities. Take the extra time and optimize your content for each individual platform.

Stealing Content (Without Crediting)

Never try to steal content from other posts. Stealing images, video, content may harm your website and you may caught under copy infringement acts and that may become ban of your account as well website from search engines. Also stealing these objects can lead you into a dangerous legal situation

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Umesh Kumar - How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing?

If you own a new or growing business, it’s crucial to have some understanding of digital marketing that will help to grow your business.
Umesh Kumar - How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

If Your Company Doesn’t Exist Online Today, It Mean Your Business Doesn’t Exist

Online visibility is absolutely vital for every company in the modern business world. So much business is conducted online that it would be foolish for any business owner to think that a digital presence is simply a luxury. Just about every business-to-customer retailer has an online store in addition to traditional brick-and-mortars, and most are starting to figure out new ways of connecting the two to provide customers with the best shopping experiences possible. Your small business may be a way off from this stage right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking steps toward that end.

  1. Understand SEO

    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of getting your digital presence to rank well in search results. SEO is an ever-changing game where the rules are constantly being tweaked. Search engine companies like Google and Bing want to ensure there’s a level playing field for every brand, while brand marketers are always looking for new ways to game the system and outrank the competition in search results.

  2. Active in Social Media

    Now a day’s social media is trending and poeple are frequently visiting social media websites for sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression. This is also one of the best platform for branding your business. So, be active in social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and many more and share according to your business interest and try to engage them.

  3. Be More Savvy

    Learn how to boost your brand and your online presence. Check out the dive into the importance of partnership, co-branding and give away best tips for simplifying your language to ensure your content is engaging that can be very help for your business.

  4. Track Your Progress

    Analytics are another essential component of the digital marketing puzzle. What good are all the efforts you’re making if you don’t take the time to measure your success? Just about every marketing automation platform, search engine, and CRM system allows you to track your successes and failings over time. Every business is going to have specific pain points and advantages, and it’s important to have a clear idea of what your key performance indicators are. Find the metrics that are going to show you what you need to see, and track them carefully.

  5. Be More Proactive

    Every small business owner is going to invariably wear several hats in the early days of the company. Often, startup founders are the C-suite, customer service department, marketing team, IT staff, and salespeople all rolled into one. Expand your knowledge on revenue marketing and discover the most effective ways to turn leads into sales. Find out what type of factors/ services and resources are available at your advantage.

kumarumesh micro-influencers

10 Tips for Develop a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2017

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2017 but not all change is bad. Especially when we’re discussing significant changes in digital marketing, specifically within the world of influencer marketing. As marketing budgets continue to shrink and brands become more pressed for a better ROI.

From my past experience in the year of 2016, here I am going to list 10 predictions for the industry that will help marketers building a sound digital marketing campaign strategy in the year of 2017.

1. Authenticity

Kumarumesh: Authenticity - Successful Digital Marketing Campaign 2017After decates of use , the veneer on celebrity endorsements will finally crack and brands will come to realize that fame does not automatically bring influence. The influencer marketing will play a major role in digital marketing in coming years for all businesses.

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The 7 Best Social Media Channels for Business Marketing

Social networks are now so well established and trusted, that there are now a core top 7′ social networks which doesn’t change much from year-to-year. But, as we will see in this post, the most popular social media sites vary a lot by level of usage in different countries and demographics. So understanding these differences in popularity of different social networks is really important when targeting specific audiences.

I come across all sorts of interesting stats collected by Brandwatch about social media sites and users, so I ‘ve collated the best of them in this facts list.

Social Media Statistics

  • The internet has 3.17 billion users
  • There are 2.3 billion active social media users
  • 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels
  • Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts
  • Social media users have risen by 176 million in the last year
  • 1 million new active mobile social users are added every day. That’s 12 each second
  • Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day

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50 Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Ecommerce Business Sales

Before you become a seasoned marketer with big sales, there are a number of things that you can do to get traffic to take advantage of your ecommerce business.

Social Media

  1. Make Friends on Facebook:

    Learn how to get started with Facebook marketing – everything from crafting strategic status updates to creating a compelling Facebook page for your store.

  2. LinkedIn Networks:

    Find out how to strategically connect with people, complete your profile, what to post and how to leverage LinkedIn groups.

  3. Get Busy on Youtube:

    Discover how to sell with video, what video software to use, what kind of video content to produce and how to get started with YouTube analytics.

  4. Conversations on Twitter:

    If you’re new to Twitter then this section is for you. Learn how to get started setting up your account and how to strategically engage potential followers and customers.

  5. Inspire with Pinterest:

    Pinterest can be a huge driver of traffic. In this chapter we show you how to integrate a ‘Pin it’ button on your site and start inspiring potential customers to start following your pins.

  6. Instagram Engagement:

    Instagram is quickly becoming one of the best platforms for online store owners to build an audience with. Discover how to post photos that drive engagement, run contests and more.

  7. Activity in Tumblr:

    Here’s where we show you everything you need to know to get started with Tumblr, from picking a theme, adding content and building links back to your store.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Christmas season is just being started in few days and people from entire world are preparing for the Christmas and new year celebration. Businesses are more active in online to sale gifts on this occaison with the help of rending digital marketing concepts.

Here are seven digital marketing trends to look out for during the year of 2017:

Display Ads Evolve: Display advertising has had yet another bad year. Intrusive and poorly targeted ads have seen the rise of ad blockers, so marketers are likely to move towards video marketing or native advertising. As we know that both are much trickier to execute.

Augmented Reality Will Be Back: There has been a lack of follow-up in the augmented reality space, but I think that there are companies out there developing games or gamified marketing right now – it will be back in 2017.

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